Gini Beth Welch

Travel Advisor
Vacation Concierge

Hello to the Bride and Groom, 

Here are some wonderful honeymoon options for you to consider!  They are all in June 2024, 5 nights in luxury, adult-only and all-inclusive resorts, and include flights and airport transfers, and travel protection.  I generally recommend traveling on Monday if your wedding is Saturday, just to give you a minute to process and rest before rising early for an international flight. 

Enjoy looking over these options and send me any questions or feedback.  If these aren't "the one", then let me know and I'll be glad to offer other options.  There are a million, but to keep it from being overwhelming, I just tried to pick a few based on your preferences and budget.  There are higher and lower priced room categories if you like the resort but want a different price point.  I'd send my own kids to any of these!  

I'm available to discuss and offer my opinions when you are ready! 


Gini Beth