Gini Beth Welch

Travel Advisor
Vacation Concierge

Hi Ladies,

A few important things to NOT FORGET:

- Passports!!! (also good to leave a copy at home and pack a copy in your suitcase  

- Travel Documents- PRINT your Eurostar TRAIN TICKETS from London to Paris!  Everything else should be printed...Janet has this printout. 

- VOUCHERS- Assume that you need to present a voucher  for each service like hotels, transfers, tours...(1 for your group- except train tickets- from EDI to London only have #'s; from London to Paris have names)

- Chargers (portable one if you have it); adapters/converters

NOT imperative, but might be helpful:

- Washcloth; zip-lock bags; Empty tote bag for souvenirs

- Apps- Tube map (you can still get paper ones when in London); Airside Mobile Passport; Verifly; AA app; Google Translate for Paris; Uber; Currency Converter 2022

 - Cross-body purse or fanny pack 

REMEMBER the Travel Beatitude:  "Blessed are the flexible, for when they bend they will not break!"

Have the BEST time!  Look out for each other!  And be in tuned to Janet's limitations with her back situation. Stay aware of your surrounding and be wise!  But also, laugh and enjoy the moments to the fullest!  Send updates and pics every now and then!  I'll be praying for each of you! 


Gini Beth